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Guptari Group spreading their wings to Qatar, US, UK And Dubai wherein who are motivating Non Residential Indians ( NRI) to invest in Real estate of India as we are capturing the developing cities such as Real estate in Neral and Real estate in Chiplun. Giving NRI’s a clear picture and analysis of those areas and what are the benefits they will get in return by staying invested in Real estate Properties of Neral and Chiplun, and also across India.

With all our efforts and transparency about our product, Our Happy NRI Clients are satisfied with our services.

Know What NRI’s are talking about Guptari Group.

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Many NRI’s have families back in India. They always love to own and have a place here. After all, Home Is Where The Heart Is. Real Estate is the lucrative investment option for NRI’s and PIO’s , who intend to come back to India in future or spend vacations here.

Here is WHY, India is the safest and best investment option for NRI’s and PIO’s :-

1. Liberal Policies - You don’t need RBI’s (Reserve Bank Of India) permission for buying property in India. NRI’s and PIO’s enjoy the liberal policies of the government that makes it easy to purchase and sell residential or commercial property in India. No restriction on number of purchases, either. However, you cannot purchase any agricultural land, farm house and plantation property. Ownership on such properties is granted only when they are gifted or inherited.

2. Easy Funds - According to RBI norms, a maximum of 80% of the value of property can be funded by a financial institution and rest has to come from the NRI's personal resources. Indian bankers and lenders are always happy to fund your purchase in rupees, so the same needs to be repaid in rupees only. Another option for is to get funds from overseas where interest rates are lower and is a good idea especially if you have income accruing there.

3. Smooth Deal - Purchase of property is easily made through registered conveyance deed. NRI’s can execute the power of attorney in favour of trustworthy relatives in India who can complete formalities on your behalf. In case of under-construction property, developers ask for power of attorney which is very common and makes the documentation easier and quicker.

4. Tax Saving Tool - Property is a good tax saving tool. Same as resident Indians, you are entitled to all tax benefits related to the purchase of property in India. You can claim 1lakh deduction under 80C.

5. Profitable Returns - NRI’s can rent out their property in India after making purchase and earn rental income. Best way to get returns on your investment. The rental income can be repatriated abroad. You can also transfer or sell the property. However, note that the sale proceeds of property inherited from a resident Indian not exceeding USD one million can be remitted abroad in one calendar year.

Property investment benefits for NRI’s and PIO’s with Guptari Group :-

1. At Guptari Group, we comply with the requirements of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) required for your property purchase in India.

2. Our land titles are clear and we ensure builders have taken approvals and permits from civic authorities for construction.

3. We thoroughly handle the title papers of the property and make sure they are clean and verified by lawyer.

4. We help you execute any contracts, deeds as well as mortgage, lease or even sale of your property in India.

5. All documentation property-related formalities are efficiently handled are handled by us on your behalf.