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Dream Farm Goregaon

Guptari Group uses concept of solar energy for drying up crops so that they can use environmental friendly resources for Organic agricultural farming. City Farming is an organization that inspires students, families, and corporations to grow their own food. In the fastest growing city like Goregaon, district of Raigad we are implementing agro farms for our clients who want to get themselves involved in Organic Farming. To pursue their hobby which will in return give them a good returns while growing organic farming and setting it as additional business. Living closely to nature and using all natural resources for implementation of Organic Farming which will be further can be extended as Urban Farming, wherein they will sell their products in nearby village and cities.

Here in Dream Farms, we cultivate wide range of crops and continue to check fertility of Land. We provide our land parcels for studying organic farming growth and selling part of lands to whom are interested for doing organic farming, supporting the Urban Farming Concept and earning a good return from the same.

In today’s scenario, farming & its upcoming problems with pesticide crops which are hazardous for one’s health, Guptari group opens a wide healthy option to everyone. With the experts’ research in this field as well as the high tech technology, growing healthy and organic food is now possible and easy. Experts who are involved in this project are well skilled with the ages of experience & knowledge in this field. Many technicians & experts are specially hired from overseas like UK, South Africa, Portland, Greece, Italy, etc. for better cultivation & farming organically. Most of the countries including India are now encouraging for organic farming as well as urban farming. Urban farming which also called as ‘city farming’ is most prominently seen today. To avoid all pesticide crops & cultivation, people are now accepting urban farming where they grow crops beside their home or in balcony, terrace. In major cities like Mumbai people who are residing in building and complexes grow crops on their buildings terrace or complex gardening areas. Guptari Group supports such ideas & helps them through their organic farming’s.

One can enjoy organic healthy food with Guptari Group without doing much. Reach us and get organic food from us. Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy!!!

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