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Start Date : 06/03/2017

End Date  : 07/31/2017

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Delivery of Phase 1 has started!! - Green Heaven, New Mangaon

Good News! Good News! Good News!

We have completed our land project i.e. Green Heaven, New Mangaon. Our land parcel is now ready to deliver to our dear customers. Yes! You read that right!!

We have completed maximum work of land development in these past months and now you can expect a very quick possession of your land. We have completed with land development process i.e. land levelling, box wire fencing, and separate demarcation for each and every plot. Due to this, you can occupy & develop your land as per your use & preferences.  You can now easily reach to your land with the motor-able roads. We have allotted motor-able plots to all our land parcels. Now anyone can reach their land plot with much of an ease! Now ain’t that a relief!!

With such development, we have not forgotten to provide all the promised services. We are facilitating you all water as well as electricity provisions. We have already drilled one bore-well near your vicinity. You can enjoy water supply within your proximity. Enhancing land more with such developments and infrastructure would be an additional benefit. With the support of our team members & expert technicians we have completed our project before the estimated period.

Okay, but what about legal approvals & documents? Of course, I’m getting there! Apart from other infrastructure, we have also strengthened our documentations & government approvals. So no more worries! We have everything under our control. The land does not undertake any authority to third party; we have cleared all the obstacles for clear title. With these, we are offering you clear title land with 7/12 extract.

With all such land development as well as legalizations; we Guptari Group are strengthening our pillars to provide best to our customers.

So that’s sums up with all land infrastructure and development. But how about with the land delivery, earn money? We are offering an opportunity to earn money; all you need to do is refer us to your friends, family or loved ones. For more details, visit our website’s refer & earn program and get an opportunity to earn money in lakhs!